Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Katrina & Anthony Are Married!

You may remember seeing Katrina & Anthony's Love Story Video on my blog not too long ago. Now they're married and I love how the highlight video of their wedding turned out. On the day of their wedding, it rained in the morning and then turned into a beautiful day just in time for the wedding. When evening came, the sunset was amazing and the warm light flooded onto the dance floor, which was really cool. Also, I've gotta say that I love my job. I work with so many awesome people and because I work so closely with them capturing every moment, by the end of a day of shooting I often feel like I'm a member of the family. Then I get really excited about being able to show them everything I captured. Katrina and Anthony and their families definitely left me feeling that way and I'm excited to display their highlights here.

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